5 writers who have influenced me

Posted on 08/11/16 in Katy's Corner


This woman is the Queen of Wit. Jane had a wicked sense of humour and if you think her books are boring because there are bonnets involved (Uncle Nick, I’m talking to you) then you are WRONG. My goodness, there is D.R.A.M.A. Seriously. There may not be explosions and people dying all over the shop, but, boy, do things get intense. Love triangles, affairs, sexual tension, dancing, bitching…basically, this is Gossip Girl in the regency period. I’ve read Jane Austen’s books about a billion times and she has had the most impact on my life than any other author. Jane is my spirit animal.



Her Adrian Mole books had me laughing my stupid penguins-wearing-scarves socks off. If you haven’t read these glorious works, you really must, if only to note her majestic grip on comic timing, which in written form is difficult. But she had a true, true talent for comedy. Writing this is actually making me want to re-read the first Adrian Mole book right now, which I might actually go away and do, and then come back to this blog post later. THAT’S HOW GOOD SHE IS. She lures you in with her comic genius.



I love theatre as much as I love books (so a LOT) and there is nothing I love better than a production of a Noël Coward play. I remember exactly where I was sitting when I first watched a Noel Coward—it was Hay Fever starring Judi Dench—and it was magical. I felt such joy and you know that bubbling feeling you get when you feel so inspired you might just burst? I felt that real bad. Whenever I feel like I would rather laze around than write, I remember that feeling and I get off my arse and sit at my laptop. Noel Coward made me want to write comedy and nothing else. I want to bring the joy he brought me.



I’ll never forget the moment when my mum let me play my Princess Diaries tapes in the car. I had already read her books over and over by that point so basically knew every word but my mum didn’t know anything about them except that her daughter was obsessed with reading them. And she laughed. Like REALLY laughed. And then for ages my mum liked listening to the Princess Diaries tapes in the car. It was wonderful. Meg Cabot is a perfect author to throw in someone’s stupid face when they say stupid things like YA books or books for teens or children aren’t suitable for adults. Meg Cabot can have anyone of any age rolling on the floor laughing. And that really is something to aspire to.



If I could have a slither of the imagination Tolkien had, I would be pretty dang happy. This guy created a universe and, yeah so have many talented writers, but how many of them have created a language or two. NEW LANGUAGES. Are you serious? This guy blows my mind.


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